Top trends to increase value for paid search spend

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If you’re like many small to medium sized businesses, budget is everything and every dollar counts. And while spending advertising dollars may be a big part of your PPC campaign, it’s really the how behind the spend that matters. More money doesn’t necessary equate to a successful campaign, and before you up your budget for […]

14 ranking signals you need to optimize for in 2019

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It’s a well-known fact that there are over 200 ranking signals used by Google. And every year it keeps on tweaking and refining its algorithm introducing new ranking signals and changing priorities. I know that the idea of having to optimize for all of them will probably make you shiver with horror. The good news […]

SEO 101: 11 tips you need to know when you optimize your site

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SEO can boost the traffic to your site by paying closer attention to what your visitors want from you. It can help you create the content that your readers will enjoy while optimizing your pages to be as useful as possible. The first steps towards search engine optimization can be scary, but you can start […]