Top trends to increase value for paid search spend

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If you’re like many small to medium sized businesses, budget is everything and every dollar counts. And while spending advertising dollars may be a big part of your PPC campaign, it’s really the how behind the spend that matters. More money doesn’t necessary equate to a successful campaign, and before you up your budget for […]

SEO agencies – Important questions to ask before choosing one

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Have you ever had a negative experience using a search engine optimization agency? If so, you are by no means alone. It seems like just about every business owner has heard SEO horror stories or has one themselves. This article is not an exposé of bad agencies, nor is it to “name and… Please visit […]

Search trends 2018: what can marketers learn?

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Google’s continued dominance as a search giant was evident in its third quarter earnings call, as it grew advertising revenue 18% year over year to $19.8 billion (Alphabet, as a total company, wasn’t too bad either, up 20% in total). Total paid clicks grew 33% year over year, while the cost per click dropped 11%. […]

How to transfer insights from search to social campaigns

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When running paid campaigns on both search and social, it’s imperative to take all learnings from each channel and apply them to the other. This allows you to take an holistic view of your marketing efforts and optimize each channel with insights you wouldn’t get by keeping things in silos. Search is all about capturing […]