2019 Martech Predictions: From Facebook Marketing to Meeting Automation

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Marketing technology is continually evolving to solve day-to-day problems for companies across industries in efficient, effective and innovative ways. Here are some predictions for 2019 from six martech leaders. They cover a variety of topics–from ABM to Facebook marketing to meeting automation and more. See what these leaders think awaits … Read the full article […]

Knowledge Retention: How to Protect Your Competitive Advantage

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You invest in your employees—mentoring, conferences, training. Yet over time, unused knowledge fades. Employees take other jobs. How do you protect your investment? Marketing had the highest turnover rate (17%) of any profession in 2018. It isn’t the only cause of knowledge loss. Retirements, promotions, intracompany transfers, and “the forgetting curve” all play a role, […]

Increase Repeat Purchases with Cohort Analysis

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In my daily work with ecommerce brands, I see two types of companies: The first type focuses on acquisition and conversion.The second relies on retention. The second type is winning. Why? Overall acquisition costs for both B2C and B2B have gone up by 50% in the past five years. Sooner or later, relying on new […]

How to Identify and Tackle Keyword Cannibalisation in 2019

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Posted by SamuelMangialavori If you read the title of this blog and somehow, even only for a second, thought about the iconic movie “The Silence of the Lambs”, welcome to the club — you are not alone! Despite the fact that the term “cannibalisation” does not sound very suitable for digital marketing, this core concept […]

6 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019

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Digital transformation is not a buzzword. I repeat. Digital transformation is not a buzzword. Digital transformation is much more than “corporate speak”, and we should not discount its legitimacy. Yes, “digital transformation” has been overused and diluted by executives and consultants to represent all aspects of digitalization in every facet of a business. But, when […]

Product Lifecycle Marketing: What Matters Most at Every Stage

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The classic graph for the product lifecycle is a sales curve that progresses through stages: a sharp rise from the x-axis as a product transitions from Introduction to the Growth phase;a sustained, rounded peak in Maturity;and a gradual Decline that portends its withdrawal from the market. Each stage of the product lifecycle has implications for […]

A New Domain Authority Is Coming Soon: What’s Changing, When, & Why

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Posted by rjonesx. Howdy Moz readers, I’m Russ Jones, Principal Search Scientist at Moz, and I am excited to announce a fantastic upgrade coming next month to one of the most important metrics Moz offers: Domain Authority. Domain Authority has become the industry standard for measuring the strength of a domain relative to ranking. We […]