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Friend who I helped with a computer problem started asking me SEO related questions, so I took a peek just to see what I could see. Family business, boating company. Each boat operates day-to-day independently, most have their own social networking and own websites. Boats dock at the same physical address, different url's, different phone, different contact names. Similar boat names, like follows:

Family Boat I Boat of Family Family Too Family Boat V etc

Notice that main business is using old domain name from years ago, but all the naming on the site is modern, has decent placement on first page. The rest of the sites are flip flopping in results. Some are being knocked clear to page 2 or 3 one day, lower on the results first page a day or two later. I recommend consolidating under one name, because that would make sense. Can't be done due to "reasons" for 2-3 years. Am I right to be concerned that they're destroying each other's placement? Am I right to think that the only approach otherwise would require cooperation between the site owners to make the results place correctly?

I'm thinking good hard work, backlinks between the sites, a healthy analysis and massaging keywords/content is definitely in order. Is that flawed? An aside is that I toyed around with SEO last when AdWords was fairly new still, so I'm far less experienced than I probably need to be to make this work in the short term. But challenge accepted, I feel like I can learn a lot from this. Any pointers or thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

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