Quick Question: Which measurement format is better for ecommerce listings? 2-Foot, 2ft., 2 ft., 2′?

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I'm an onsite SEO Specialist at a consumer electronics manufacturer and a lot of our website listings end with the 2 ft. format.

Is it wrong to assume Google's algorithm is smart enough to understand that 2 ft. is the same as 2-foot, 2ft., or 2' and just leave them alone? To my understanding, Amazon's A9 algo is very literal and straightforward, so I know that the spaces count there, but with our website ecomm listings it doesn't seem worth it to go back and change a lot of listings if Google reads them all the same and matches our products to relevant searches with all four measurement formats.

I haven't really found many articles supporting this thinking, which is why I am here. If anyone has any articles on character recognition and algorithms with various search engines, that would be amazingly helpful for me to read and learn.

Personally I think 2ft. is the best standard format for measurements that users search for and recognize, but again, I'm not entirely sure.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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