I’m not getting traffic from Facebook because people share but post my entire article on their Facebook instead of a snippet

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I noticed I will get a lot of shares on my Facebook social icons and I checked who shares Ill get like 100 shares or more and almost everyone is just copying and pasting my entire article and leaving a link to my website original article so nobody bothers going to my blog to read it since they already read on the facebook page.

I get few traffic from Facebook, it would be nice if they just posted a snippet and linked back to my page, this sucks, and most of these people who are doing this are from countries like the Philippines and I am based in the USA. The USA and Canadian people who shared my articles there were 5 and they all linked back with a snippet so I get the traffic, but I also want to know why most of the people coming to my Facebook page are from the Philippines or some foreign country when Im from America? I don't really mind but they just copy and paste the entire article which is kinda messed up for bloggers like myself who rely on traffic.

Is there a way to stop this so they cant copy and paste the article?

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